About Me

Hi, my name is Emma. I am a freelance translator (French and Italian to English) and yoga teacher from Kent (England). In addition to languages and yoga I also have a love of wine and this website marks the start of branching out into the world of wine, exploring vegan wines in particular.

I have been enjoying wine for over two decades now and in order to consolidate my interest in wine and oenology I enrolled on the WSET (Wines and Spirit Education Trust) Level 2 Award in Wines which I am due to complete end July 2020.

Having been vegan for 6 years now (vegetarian since 2012) I have to admit I haven’t been at all educated about the concept of vegan wines and haven’t been that strict on drinking only vegan wines, mostly out of pure ignorance regarding the wine making process. However, seeing as I am now studying wine in more depth I figured this would be the ideal opportunity to educate myself more about vegan wines. Through my website I intend to explore more about wine in general, review the vegan wines that are available, take a look at some vineyards working with a vegan and/or organic ethos and share what I learn with others.

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